eleven Old Romanian Way of life & Traditions However Skilled Now

eleven Old Romanian Way of life & Traditions However Skilled Now

For those seeking Romanian people, these Romanian traditions and you can community are so extremely fascinating, specifically because so many result from ancient times, however managed and you will experienced now.

Regardless of the latest life, there are so many Romanian life you to were able to properly endure the exam of your energy. Most are practised only into the remote North villages, whilst others are much alive within Romania’s vibrant overcoming cardio: Bucharest. Because the a young child expanding right up when you look at the Bucharest, I had the opportunity to participate in old traditions, owing to my personal fascination with rituals and you will superstitions. The latest culture together with rituals are extremely far live inside the Romania, that is why I can not wait to share every thing which have your.

Might adore really out of the newest Romanian community, and the restaurants, the fascinating rites regarding passing in addition to welcoming locals.

For people who think thought witches and you can wizards, fairies and you can demonic creatures, up coming know that all of them are section of Romanian folklore. Romanians love its life plus city people always link with the help of our ancient community. These life style and you may tradition was basically did prior to faith and tend to be profoundly related to the times of year, spirituality and you will lifetime events including weddings, babies otherwise funerals. All of them has actually a great deal beauty grounded on him or her and you will the new rites was deep, novel and you may enchanting.

I am therefore excited to fairly share some of the ethnology of Romanian mythical community. Whether a sceptic or a beneficial believer, there isn’t want Hindu dating any doubt that certain Romanian way of living try intriguing, interesting and interesting.

New Fate Fairies

This is certainly probably the most prevalent society between your Romanian somebody. The new destiny fairies otherwise Ursitoarele usually visit your newborn child towards the the next, the brand new fifth and 7th night following the child’s beginning so you’re able to influence the course of their existence.

The storyline has actually they these particular fairies are meant to observe along side infant, in the evening when the newborn is within its cradle, and you can present this new fate of your man. This traditions has been live today. Into the Transylvania for example, the fresh new godmother of children’s need certainly to lay particular sifted flour, sodium, money and you will a money towards certain white fabric, somewhere in the latest newborn’s room, always around the windows. In the event that immediately following three days and around three nights this new flour keeps contours on it, the mother and father can ascertain you to destiny fairies decided to go to the little one.


This is the most widely used Romanian tradition outside of Romania. Martisor are a beautiful customized that takes place for the 1st regarding March, this new date that scratches the new celebration of one’s Springtime. With the February step one, Romanian anyone bring both good “Martisor”, that is a tiny charm or trinket.

Boys usually purchase Romanian girls herbs, snowdrops being amongst the most popular gifts. To your very first regarding February, one must select 24 hours, named “baba” (literally form old woman) within step one-9 March. In case the big date your chose is sunny, it is presumed you’d has actually a successful year. In the event your big date was cloudy otherwise rainy, it’s considered that a rather hard year lays in the future.

A beneficial martisor together with has a light and red string, and that people wrap around its wrists while the and make a wish to. Immediately following 9 days, they need to check out the boys it love and have her or him to break this new thread making use of their little hands. If they allow, the fresh girl’s need can come correct.


The fresh new community and folktale of your “Sanziene” have always been my personal favorite Romanian rituals and also in a means, it’s just like the Swedish Midsummer holiday,

Sanzieneleare try celebrated to the Summer 24th and you may mark the summertime solstice. The newest anyone techniques of Sanziene indicate that the most wonderful maidens regarding village create wear light, see flowers (a certain Romanian flower called Sanziana) and braid flowery crowns. While in the nightfall, the beautiful female would satisfy and you will dancing as much as an excellent bonfire. At the beginning, per rose top was tossed on the villagers’ roofs. If for example the crowns remained positioned, the owners of the property can benefit off health, wide range and you will delight. Should your crown enters the house from the home or windows, the new maiden will find their partner one season.