This study employed the following qualitative search techniques: interview, casual talks, and you may observations

This study employed the following qualitative search techniques: interview, casual talks, and you may observations


These processes enjoy us to end up being closely a part of individuals and operations within our study in addition to into the interactions among users and you can social setup; nonetheless they allowed a great flexibly structured studies you to tried to develop a beneficial contextual knowledge and to browse the members of sheer setup (Bryman, 2012). The field analysis is carried out regarding the Auto Town area of Seoul, Southern area Korea, from . Industry investigation is sold with normal check outs to Automobile Urban area about five moments weekly getting interviews, casual conversations, and you will observations, in addition to volunteer really works in the an enthusiastic NGO found in the area that provides Korean language sessions, medical properties, and you may Korean-Arabic translations for Syrians and other migrants close by this new example city. New volunteer work with the fresh NGO improved the info and you can awareness for the positionality of one’s migrants and you can refugees from inside the Korea and the support expertise available indeed there.

Additionally, trouble in life and you may coping device, including upcoming agreements have been expected

This research is sold with partial-structured interviews with 14 Syrians and about three Koreans along with relaxed conversations having 28 Syrians and you can Koreans in-car City. Interview that have Syrians were carried out in English, Korean, Arabic-Korean interpretation, otherwise Arabic-English interpretation, centered on each interviewee’s choices; translations was provided with interviewees’ colleagues. Interview was used physically, with the exception of one to band of a few Syrian members and one group out-of about three Syrian participants. Interviewees commonly common its opinion and you will knowledge while in the informal talks before and you will after the interviews; these types of informal discussions offered pointers and you will expertise because of it look near to official interviews. The research along with shows the new group meetings that have activists various other section out-of Seoul and you can refugees from other places; such meetings as well as given understanding towards life of Syrians when you look at the Car Urban area.

Four of one’s fourteen Syrian interviewees weren’t beneath the refugee otherwise humanitarian safeguards position but keep Providers Charge. But not, the life and experience could not feel notable of those individuals off other Syrians in-car Town, especially in regards to experience lengthy displacement. Like other Syrians inside the Korea, these five do not go back to Syria. Interviewees ranged within the many years off their twenties to their fifties, with a big part inside their twenties. Syrian interviewees include eleven boys and you may about three people. But not, most of the factors and you can behavior detailed in this research apply mainly to Syrian boys in-car Area. The reason being questioned Syrian female rarely educated personal lifetime that have Koreans as they mostly run housework, and their lifestyle enjoy inside the Korea just weren’t particular to help you Automobile City. Korean interviewees contained several frontrunners out-of NGOs enabling refugees and you can you to business person in car Town.

Syrian interlocutors was in fact expected to spell it out eg subjects as his or her lives trajectory before and after the brand new Syrian battle, experience off introduction and you may different that have Koreans, Syrians, or any other Arabs. Syrian interlocutors not simply expected to express their unique knowledge and thoughts but furthermore the recommendations they extracted from their friends and associates in car Urban area.

Very interview was submitted, shortly after getting advised concur, however, around three interviewees popular not to have the new conversation submitted. Really interviews was in fact presented shortly after of a lot quick conversations and you can visits. To improve the latest authenticity of your research, i applied methodological triangulation: that is, numerous tips otherwise sources of analysis were utilized make it possible for mix examining (Bryman, 2012). All the info produced by findings, interviews, and you will everyday conversations try constantly opposed. New interview transcripts and you will industry cards was several times coded to possess tall themes and you may subthemes (Charmaz, 1996). Open programming was with choosy programming, and therefore provided the potential for performing categories of and facts towards the the fresh new findings of the research study (Bryman, 2012). As well as the description regarding their lifestyle, including subject areas once the knowledge regarding discrimination and you can separation during the Korea, inclusion and different one of Syrians, and their dealing method was in fact stood aside.